Sunday, 23 August 2009

Shadow Serpentis

Doctor Leander returned to her medical bay and cleaned and sterilized all her equipment before slumping into her chair. She access her medical files, amending Eliza's quickly before returning to her reports. Deep in work she didn't hear the door to the medical bay open and close, or the soft padding of feet towards her. The first she realised was when a powerful hand clasped across her mouth and a hypo-spray was jammed into her neck before blackness overcame her.

Justine Death brought Carmilla into the medical bay and laid her gently on the examining table. Carmilla pulled herself into a ball and started muttering slowly under her breath.
"It wasn't my fault.. they made me do it.. they made me do it... dont let them take me back to the pens...."
Justine stroked her hair for a moment then looked around. Something was not right. The lights in the back of the medbay were off and there was a strange smell, something that fastidious Dr Leander would not tolerate.
"Doctor Leander? Anyone?"
With one hand she pulled out her heavy pistol and with the other she spoke into the comunit on her wrist. She was working out how to get Carmilla out of here when the figure ran out from the shadow.
Her gun raised and fired three shots as the figure slammed into her and knocked her into wall. Dazed she raised her weapon again only to see a large fist slam into the side of her head knocking her back. Instinct took over, every back alley brawl, every fight she'd ever been in against overwhelming odds. The gun dropped and she leapt foward, her boot connecting with the figure, wild punches striking and pushing the figure back until it kicked her and she fell to the floor. Before she could get up a foot was on her chest and a weapon pointed at her head.
"Slave. You fight well, perhaps I should take you back instead. Perhaps I should take you both, put you against each other. "The voice was harsh and brought up primal images that both shocked and terrified her. She tried to move the foot and it pushed down harder, he pistol whipped her.
"Yes.. struggle. Like she did. I like it when they struggle, when the fear is in their eyes. It is like the finest wine. Look at me... Look at me!" He raised his voice. She looked at him. Fury and anger in her eyes, hatred but no fear. He removed his mask and the winding snake tattoo on him marked him as Serpentis! The tattoo was inked with colours that shimmered and moved, like Carmilla's slave tattoos. He moved his foot onto her neck and pushed down. She choked, he laughed. She was failing. Failing herself, failing her friends. Failing Eliza. Anger boiled up and she pushed his foot up and cried out.
Her cry rang out and the Serpentis merely laughed and lowered the pistol between her eyes.
"Perhaps I won't take you. Too much spirit..... perhaps I'll take this... Eliza....." He watched the fear finally filter into her eyes then tightened his finger on the trigger.

The pistol shot was loud and echoed though the medical bay and was followed by eleven more in quick succession. Alarms sounded and guards came running, bursting into the medical bay. Justine pushed the body of the dead Serpentis off her and looked up. Carmilla, with Justines pistol in her hand stood over the body, her finger pulling on the trigger still, whispering all the time.
"They made me do it.... I didn't want to.... you have to believe me.... make the voices go away.... make them stop...."
She took the pistol from her hand and hugged Carmilla to her, nodding to the guards to take the body and search the medical bay. For a while they both just stood there wondering what had happened.
"Eliza," she croaked into her communit, "Come to the medical bay, bring Angelina. There's been an incident."

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