Sunday, 20 June 2010

I Want This...

Kim Leander sat in the crowded bar in the popular New Caldari resort of 'Utopian Pleasures'. Dressed smartly, and conforming to the social norm she waited. She watched the people coming and going, occasioning small talk with those who tried to pick her up, quietly turning them down. Of all the people who were here though, very few were what she was after, and of those even fewer could have had the requirements. She needed a capsuleer.

It was risky coming here, as there woud be camera's and she would be noticed, but far more notice would be taken if she asked her black market contacts for what she needed. Eyes would be raised, whispers would pass around, and people would start asking too many questions. Far better, she thought with a cold smile, to find someone no one cares about, if that can ever be said about a capsuleer. For one of them must give up what they value, so my daughter can live.

Then, one arrived. She stared across the crowded floor and looked at the woman as she walked in. The self assured swagger, the aire of superiority and the glint in the eyes of naivety that suggested a newly encapsulated pilot. She was the spitting image of Angelina. Slightly shorter, but she would do. The question is... how to get her out without creating a scene. So she walked up to her, took her hand, smiled warmly and introduced herself.

Her name was Valencia Da'keo, she said, a reporter for Intergalactic News Networks, doing a piece on pod pilots. She flashed a badge that said so and offered to buy the girl a drink, to hear the tales of one of the immortals. Naturally, she agreed.

They sat at the end of the bar talking until just a few people remained in the bar. Around them the bottles and glasses spoke of the time they had spent. The girl was drunk, Kim was not, but pretended to be. Arm in arm, singing a raucus caldari song they staggered out of the bar and towards the hotel district. They stopped on the way and bought another couple of bottles and after a few false starts managed to get into the hotel. Kim winked at the two guys sitting on couches and one of then dissapeared into the street while the second walked behind the counter, pulling out a silenced pistol and shot the concierge and his young assistant.

Kim fumbled with the door and pulled the girl into the room, closing the door and walking with her to the centre, pushing her back onto the bed. She slipped out of her dress and placed it on a chair by her bag, which she opened. Going back to the bed she handed the girl a bottle and straddle her legs, watching her as she drank from the bottle then laid her hands on her legs, looking up at her.
"So, little immortal...."
"Valencia, Valencia... I do believe you've gotten me drunk."
Kim smiled down at her and slowly removed the pod pilots top.
"I did..... you are beautiful.... I want you... I want this....."
She ran her hands over the pod pilots body, caressing, tweaking and massaging softly ellicting soft moans. Bending over she kissed the young pilot.
"We shouldn't be doing this... it's wrong...."
But her body said otherwise, to Kim satisfaction. She rolled her over, kissing her arms and shoulderblades, her fingers tracing their way down past her implant ports on her neck, past her primary port and circled the secondary and tertiary. Aaah, these were the all important ones.
"That tickles... they feel strange, how do they look? I've never seen where I join with the pod. Only on diagrams."
"Don't worry my child, I have something that will make the evening a lot more enjoyable for you."
She slipped off the bed and went over to her bag, pulling out a small hypo and went back to the bed, crawling on top of her and biting her ear.
"Are you ready my dear?"
The young pod pilot, eyes closed and smiling just nodded. Kim kissed her neck causing her to move her head to give her access and felt the slight scratch as the hypo grazed her flesh then the stabbing pain as it injected directly into her neck. Kim held her as the drugs worked, seeing the fear in her eyes.
"Don't worry little poddling... you will survive."
The girl closed her eyes and stopped struggling. Kim quickly went to work, stripping her and grabbing her bag, unloading the implements she needed and the equipment. Looking around she grabbed one of the girls shoes, a fashionable heel and threw it at the door. One of the men from the lobby came in wheeling a small cart of medical equipment.
"We must be quick, we have two minutes before the safetys kick in."
"What about the girl?"
Kim looked down at her.
"She probably wont' survive the operation. I'm not going to be as gentle as those who mutilated my little girl."

As the man pushed the cart out of the door Kim stepped out of the shower and dressed herself. The girl had died, as she knew she would. But she was not important. Lighting a cigarette she took a bottle from her bag and emptied the contents onto the girl. The liquid pooled in the open cavities on her back and soaked that of the bed that wasn't already drenched in her blood. She flicked the cigarette from the door and the bed and girl burst into flames. As she walked down the corridor she could see the other guard coming from a room, flames were already licking from several others. By the time all three of them reached the ground floor the level they were on was an inferno. People were rushing around as the alarms started going off. Kim and her guards walked quietly out a side door and into a waiting van which drove towards the starport.

Angelina would have her ports back, in a week she'd be able to fly properly. As she opened up her communicator to make a call she realised she didn't remember the girls name.
"Hello, Caldari News? Yes there is a fire at the 'Mountain Arms' Hotel and there are several gunmen in the lobby shooting guests..... No I managed to get out.... No from what I could see they were Gallente terrorists.... Of course I'll stay on the line...."
She closed the communicator and flung it from the window to smash on the road.

New Caldari News Report - Fire swept through the 'Mountain Arms' Hotel in the Utopian Pleasure resort in the early hours of the morning. The second floor was seen as the start of the fire and the baffling failure of the fire systems to prevent the spread lead to the deaths of over three hundred guests who were staying at the facility. Although it has yet to be confirmed eye witnesses claimed Gallente Terrorists started the blaze and killed a number of staff and clients. The New Caldari Police Commissioner simply stated that all avenues were being looked into.

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