Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Love Hurts

Carmilla sat in the chair and looked up at the statue she had created. Ithiria, her love, her wife. Caressing her hand and the ring without realising she stared at the statues face. Ithiria. How I have forsaken you, how badly I have treated you..... I hope you will forgive me my sins.

And yet her body still ached from her time with Mizhara. The pleasure, the pain.... had given her what was Ithiria's to take. Her mind still full of the memories, the possibilities. Her needs and desires. How easy it would have been to have broken her promise. Like she broken her promise to Ithiria...

I refused to submit to you, and yet I would have so easily done so last night. To Mizhara. Would have dropped to my knees and begged her to take me. Only this thin metal band stoped me, and as much as I wanted her, the thought of taking the ring off never crossed my mind. She knew, she saw it in my eyes. If she had asked.... I would have fallen regardless. But she didn't..... because of you.

I love you Mizhara, and I love my Ithiria. I think in their heart of hearts they both know what I will choose, who I will be with..... it just remains to be seen how far I have to go to prove my love. Things were so easier when I didn't have to make these decisious. Freedom, a prison by another name.

How far am I willing to go....

For the one I love....

We shall see tonight. One way or another.
Love hurts.

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