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Reflections of Light and Shadow

This is Rocking Ricky, bringing you all the mad sounds of the moment and of the past in a stellarcast straight from the Great Wildlands. Broadcasting to you around the region, into the next region and all across the cosmos. But enough of all that, you are here for the music, and the music is what we do. Send all your requests to the usual place, and while you listen to this remember.... keep your ears open and your scanner pulsing. There have been a lot of gate camps, again this is nothing new, but for all you newbies out there, stay in Empire. Null space is not for you. This is Cargo Clash from the Miska V Rebellion....

1st reflection....

Carmilla D'Morenta slowly went though the moves of the dance she was performing with a quiet perfection. The Khanid Dance of a Tranquil Winter is a most dificult one, requiring perfect concentration and timed movements, not easy when clad in the traditional kimono and wielding the decorative fans. Her face a mask of painted beauty she moved through the dance to the accompanyment of the musicians, themselves geisha who were mistresses of the dance. Each failure she made would be noticed and remembered, and she would have to repeat the whole dance. The music pushed her towards each position, timed the pauses and the movement to the next, all had to be done with exquisite timing, with flawless perfection, and absolute dedication. The flicking open of the fans had to be done correctly, the distances exact, the angles just right.

As the last note sounded she paused in the final pose, the one known as winters end, both fans extended upwards, on arms already tired and exerted, balanced on legs that would have shaken with fatigue were they not hidden behind the silken skirts of the kimono. Her face looking directly forward at those she danced for. She held her pose.

The four geisha looked at her, then at each other and nodded.
"You may relax now."
Carmilla folded her fans and took her place before them, kneeling carefully, again in precise form and with attention to detail in the exact centre of the training dojo. She bowed deeply then sat back on her heels.
"You have attained that which is rare for an outsider. You have performed a perfect Dance of Tranquil Winter. How many times have you seen the Dance and performed it?"
"Four times, and performed it sixteen."
One by one the four geisha approached her and one at a time and bowed, to which she returned it. A servant entered and opened the windows to the room, the gentle breeze that filled the room was scented with the jungle outside and stired the incense smoking in the four corners. Once more, she had perfected something. And now she must perform it again. As ever, timing was important, already she could hear her approach, her heart beating faster and she knew now that the camera's were being turned back on. All over the House of Autumn Breeze geisha and guest alike were getting ready to watch a performance.

Ithiria Deritan, clad in a crimson kimono decorated with silver dragons seemed to float across the floor as she entered the training dojo. She looked every inch the noble she was, if ever the beauty of the Khanid was to be expressed, it was here. Perfection beyond necessity. In the centre of the room Carmilla had bowed and was waiting for permission to start. Ithiria took her place on one of the chairs and looked down. Before her, about to dance probably the most important dance of her life, a geisha of personal importance. Her geisha.

"Begin," she whispered, and watched as the four Mistresses of the Dance took their places behind her, and began to play the music. Carmilla danced. Not for herself, not for the Mistresses of the Dance who had already acknowledged her achievement, but for Ithiria. She danced, for her Mistress. Ithiria watched with perfect calmness as Carmilla danced for her. No emotion was shown, there would be time for that later.

There are many who say that slavery is good for the economy. Well to those I say this.... try it. Ever noticed how those who say slaver is good are those who have the slaves? I'm not sure I've ever heard a slave say they wanted to be one. It's just not done, it's not right, and I raise a glass now to those who go out above and beyond to rescue those poor unfortunates. I remember last week the gang I was interviewing for GWS came across a slaver convoy and tore them a new one... this is going out to you. Living on a Prayer, by the Great Bo.

2nd Reflection...

Angelina sat at the table in her Masters quarters and assembled the laser rifle piece by piece. Over the past few days more and more warnings had come to her. Something was going to happen. Although it was somewhat blurred about what it was. There were the usual messages warning of everything from kidnapping to assassination. Both for her and her Master. Most of them she ignored, they were nothing to worry about. She had stopped both before and not even told him they had happened. It was true he cared about her, but sometimes she worried. What would happen to her if Esna wasn't around. Threading more parts together she oiled and charged various parts. She has looked into it. It was not good reading, if Esna was found by the court to be unable to follow it's mandate, she would be put up for auction again. There was no telling what would happen in that case. Snapping the last piece together she aimed at the far wall and pressed the trigger. A beam of ruby light speared towards the target. Perfection.

Of course, as a capsuleer she could have escaped at any time. Death is no barrier for an immortal. But the court had thought of that. She walked towards the docking bay, Bethany by her side talking about the lastest batch of results on their inventions. Death is no barrier, but by removing the secondary and tertiary pod implant ports it made her virtually useless in any ship that could be used for combat. 'Able to mine and haul for perpetuity' they had said. And with the technology for the reimplantation in hands she had no access to.... she was grounded.

Together they boarded the transport and headed to the passenger quarters. There would be time, there were black clinics on the edges of caldari space that had the ability, but they were in the hands of people who would sell her back in a heart beat. So for the moment, she endured. Not that she was unhappy. Her Master was a powerful lover and considerate, even with her punishments. Time and time again people she knew had offered to help her escape her bondage. But no, it was not time. Not yet. She was not ready, her soul had not been saved. And still the screams could be heard. In time they would fade, but it was not now, not time. Not yet.

So strange that the Basillica was one of the few places the screams were silent. And so strange that people were so accepting there. So far. In that bastion of the Amarr. Still, with the light there comes shadow, and eventually I will be able to walk back in the light.


So I was in Balginia the other day on a trip to get some more records for you listeners. And what happened? Some punk tried to gank my ship. Well he was in for a surprise as Concord was awake that day and they tore him a new one. And not long after the dust had settled, what happened? A rifter flew through the wreckage, ram scooped the debris and flew off. Even here in Empire there are still those who prey on the weak, and when they are dead, those who scavange the remains. Here is a cold cup of coffee for those lovable rats, this is Twisted Rifter Desire by Rat Rat and Rat.

3rd Reflection...

The viator 'Quaffee Express' docked with a grace which belied it's size, it's pilot guiding it in beside a large Orca class vessel. Even before the engines had been powered down the cargo ramps had been lowered and crew were unloading dozens of large crates and boxes. Null-lift cargo platforms buzzed between the two vessels, for every box that went to the orca another returned, exactly the same. The whole operation lasted barely five minutes. When it was complete the viator powered down it's engines and indicated to the customs officials that it was safe to enter. Victor Ballentyne, walked towards the ship with the customs officials.
"You know it's not necessary for you to accompany us Mr Ballentyne."
"Nonsense, this is my ship and anyway I have to collect some papers from the captain. Who you have to see anyway."
The three of them walked to the ship, Victor following not the least because of his limp, walking with his stick. Onboard the last of the cargo was sealed away properly and the customs seals from Amarr Prime were resealed. Victor smiled as he watched the Orca undock and maneauver, it's bulk heading out and to the next destination. If everything had been performed properly then the latest batch of pharmacuticles would be in Eystur by tomorrow morning. By that time he would be back in Amarr space, back on the Deritan estates.

He picked up a datatablet and checked the ship manifest, then input his personal code and checked the real cargo manifest. Everything was going as it should do, the money was coming in, the Serpentis were getting their share. Clicking a flashing icon he read the latest mails to arrive. The first was another threat against Angelina, he deleted it. The second a potential threat against Carmilla, that was more interesting, but increasingly futile. Deleted. Skimming through the mails, most were deleted until he came to the last one. Which stopped him cold.

To: Victor Ballentyne
From: Galicia Tavrook

I do not begrude your treachery Victor, as Serpentis we are used to the stabs in the back. I give you this warning, for all the times we drank together and whored as friends. Look to the stars. For I have returned.

Galicia... last he heard Carmilla's ex had brutalised him and left him a scarred and beaten wreck who had lost everything. His estates, holdings and possessions were now Victors. Even his personal slaves were now Victors. A lesser man would have been worried. But I am now in charge, with powers beyond what you had Gallicia. Delete.

The two customs officers had left, but where they were they had left a black envelope on one of the cargo pods. He picked it up and opened it. It contained three pictures. Ithiria, Carmilla and Angelina, all current pictures by the date stamps. Why now? He could ruin everything.... Let him come. He was the Master now, and Gallicia the apprentice.

Murder! Wherever I go it seems to be on the rise. And not just ordinary murders, some of the ones the local police have found in Lonetrek are on the increase. The police just say it is crazies out to destabilise the establishment. Well I say it's more than that, I've hacked the reports, I've seen the pics. These were not random, they were deliberate, systematic and.... well I've said enough.... but there is more, lots more and not just in Lonetrek. Time for something heavy, this is Dead Weight Drop by Lord Kami.....

4th Reflection

It was carnival time in the Caldari port city, the streets were full of people dancing, laughing and making merry. The music was loud and cacophonic, but celebrations were a serious business for the Caldari. People danced, entertained, loved, some just watched. As it was, it was no surprise no one heard the high pitched piercing scream.

The knife flashed dramatically in the dim light of the alleyway as it stabbed downwards into the young woman. As it came back up the now red blade spattered droplets up the wall, covering a grimy poster. Each time it came back up the poster was covered with more and more blood. The body slumped to the floor and the killer went to work. With deft swipes the clothes were cut and pulled aside. A small bag was opened and a variety of medical instruments were pulled out, the body quickly opened up, the hands moved quickly, with skill, experience, and more shockingly, with untold familiarity. Certain organs and glands were removed as well as a sample of the blood and placed in small storage containers. The killer closed the bag and wiped hands on the remains of the womans dress and stepped out of the alley. Just as a couple walked in, drunk, staggering, hands all over each other, eyes only for each other..... until one of them looked up as they passed, into her eyes for a split second.

She waited there, bag in hand and heard the scream, the two screams. Damn, she though as she pulled the silenced pistol from her pocket and turned back into the alley. She shot the man in the side of the head, his brain and gore splattering his woman who wiped him off her then screamed. Her second shot too her in her mouth.
"Such a waste," she said out loud, watching the two body twitch,"But I don't have the time."
She slipped the pistol away and walked into the street, a few more alleys and streets and she was lost in the throng of the carnival.

The next morning the news-casts were all about the tripple murder in the darkhaven district. Doctor Kim Leander sat in the high class room of the starports most prestigious hotel and scowled at the news. There were words like maniac, evil, and threats of retribution against the murderer. Claims from the police they were moments away from catching the villian responsible. Looking over at her medical bag and the small boxes of samples that were now transfered into proper medical transfer containers she just smiled. They had never caught her yet. And were not going to today. Just a pity she had to waste two perfect bodies, still, it was a large universe. There were plenty more to harvest. With her serum, she literally had all the time in the world.

Well that's all for me, Rocking Ricky this day and I hope you have enjoyed the last few hours of heavy metal. I know it's wrong to say it, but I have been looking at the slave markets, and it's amazing to see what you can get, also what is on offer. Freedom is something we all take for granted, and those that do be warned, evil is out there and it could come to you. For the rest of us, fight fight and fight again. There is darkness out there, but also light, and remember, in between the two and around the edges there is shadow. Freedom Fighters of the universe unite, especially if you tune in to the Great Wildlands Stellarcast! This is Rocking Ricky signing off......

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