Friday, 13 May 2011

Cleansing Technology

The humilation and failure burned as she ran through the ship. Laughter, loud and sinister echoed through the ships inter-com. Taunting and mocking echoing in her head as she fled what she thought she knew. Once again she had asked and been refused, pleaded and been denied, begged in tears and it had not made the slightest bit of difference.

Blood trickled down her face from the whip mark she had left, the anger in her eyes, the curl of her lip. And that anger had brought up the tattoos, the tribal markings vivid on her skin. And the hate had burned!

Ithiria knew Carmilla of old, knew the signs. Knew she could have taken her under normal circumstances, but as the tattoos flared, she knew this was not normal circumstances. Stepping back behind a line of paladins she watched, impassively as the one who was once her most treasured possession fought with her personal guards before fleeing. She pressed the button on her wrist comp, almost feeling the tiny jabs from the slave collar as drugs were pumped into her.
"Let me know when you find her. And when you do, throw her off the ship."
The paladin commander turned and nodded.
"Where shall we send the shuttle?"
"No. When you find her throw her off the ship."
"I'm sorry, I...."
Ithiria back handed the commander and stormed towards her quarters, shouting as she went.
"When you find her, throw her out the fucking airlock!"

Carmilla ran, the drugs flushing into her system, her eyes blurring pain lancing through her. Crew members moved out of the way and she ran until one didn't move and she fell over. Looking up through eyes that were fading all she noticed before she blacked out was the suit, pure white.

Victor picked his sister up and walked back the way he came and boarded his ship, handing her over to his second. He rubbed his chin and wondered and shook his head, calling control and arranging for departure he walked back and looked over the medical readouts. His second was programming a machine and cursing softly in gallentey and started to inject her.
"This will counteract the poison, I think..."
Taking a pair of glasses out he slipped them on and looked at the readouts.
"You go and get us out of here. Take us to Eystur, I have need of my lab. Carm, Carm.... what have you got in you this time...."

Carm woke up slowly, feeling the tubes in her arms and licked dry lips.
"Where... am I?"
"Oh your'e safe little sister."
"Vic.... my knight in .... a white suit.... what happened?"
"Oh, the usual.... you went off on one to Ithiria when she refused to take you back as a slave... isn't that getting old now?"
"And then? There must be more...."
"Oh you tried to attack her for some reason, you were babbling about tattoos in your delirium... then she gave shipwide orders for you to be thrown out of the nearest airlock... so I picked you up... I already sorted it out with Ithiria. I gave her something to... placate her."
He looked up at the machines beeped.
"Did I say something?"
"How is your nannite research coming? With regards to tattoos?"
"You should know, you used to have them."
"How gooda re you at removing them?"
Victor looked at her. And smiled.
"Funny you should mention that...."

A mobile stand held the IV and medication bottles and she walked with him to the laboratory. Through several airlocks they came to a last doorway, a medical ward with armed guards standing outside and inside. Together they entered, and Carm looked around gasping. Every one of the twenty beds held a member of the minmatar race.
"I had a contract from a nice Amarrian Lady to sort her slaves out. Seems their tattoos give them ideas above their station, and removing the skin just leaves more permanant tattoos. So she came to me, care of your good friend Gallicia....."
"Forget the sales talk Vic, does it work?"
"Yes. It doesn't even cause any pain. Though she was upset at that..."
"I need some."
"How much?"
"Enough to rid Ithiria of those cursed tattoos. She needs to be reminded what it means to be a member of the Khanid nobility."
He chuckled,"That sounds funny coming from you, a Minmatar slave girl. Bit presumptious isnt' it?"
"It has to be done.... and the sooner the better."
"You won't be able to do it... you're in no fit state..."
"Find someone. It needs to be done. As soon as possible. She needs to be cleansed."

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