Sunday, 29 May 2011

Estate Bound part 1

Carmilla walked up to the edge of the gate and leant against it. Resting her forehead on the Deritan crest she closed her eyes and let the cool morning breeze invigorate her. Behind her the vast Deritan Estate was waking up, those portions at least, who had the luxury of waking up when they pleased.

The sun broke through the cloud it was behind and shone down over her and she looked down the road. Far in the distance she could see the convoy moving this way. Already behind her the guards were standing to attention, being drilled by the arch-paladin.

At this distance she couldn't make out many details, but already she knew from the lack of security it wasn't her Mistress. Still though, she waited.

Under the heat of the sun she shivered as she looked up. There was a feeling she recognised, moments later sirens started to sound, explosions began to form around the convoy, heavy... orbital bombardment! With a flicker and glimmer the estate shields started to come online but it was too little too late. Someone was sleeping, the next salvo took out the shield generator in a furious blast. The Estate was open to attack! Already shapes were descending from orbit, from the look... here, the slave compounds and the warehouses.

They dared to attack her Mistresses estate... they would pay!


  1. I see a SERIOUS case of butt-hurt in their future! ;-)

  2. elizas nice is on that estate >.>