Sunday, 1 May 2011


As soon as they had returned to the Hand of Faith Stephani noticed a change in Carmilla. The vibrancy that was there just a few short hours ago was now muted, her smile now absent. At the bottom of the ramp of the shuttle four guards met them.
"Carmilla, you are to come with us. Stephani will be escorted back to your quarters."
"Go with them Steph... I'll be allright."

With Steph gone the guards turned back to Carmilla. Chains were attached to her wrists and she was led towards a place she did not want to go. Already resigned to what was going to happen, she did not give them any trouble.

A woman sat atop the throne that looked down over the temple. The walls and floor were pure white, the ceiling an ornate tapestry of coloured glass. At places around the wall paladins in white body armour and robes watched on impassively. Carmilla's chains were slotted into sockets in the floor and the guards departed. Silence filled the room, save for the occasional rattle of chains. A singsong gallentey voice sang out from the throne, as well as a cloud of smoke from her cigarette.

"What am I going to do with you, slave? You were given orders, specific orders and managed to get yourself kidnapped. You know the penalty for such... failure....."
Carmilla bridled at such a rebuke.
"What failure? I followed my...."
The woman stubbed out her cigarette and leapt off the throne, storming towards her.
"How dare you speak out of turn. If I said you failed, you failed. You let yourself get drunk, like a common whore and put yourself and your ward in a position where you were kidnapped!"
Her hand whipped around, backhanding Carm, knocking her to the floor.
"Because of you I was called back. Well, now you are mine. My slave. My bitch. My property..... And I like my slaves to bleed."
She clicked her fingers and Carm turned around, watching the burly brutor approach. His skin was as black as night and he carried a heavy whip.
"No.... I did nothing wrong! I protected her!"
"You protected a slave, when you should have protected your Mistress. You need to be taught a lesson.... where do you belong slave?"

Carmilla looked up at the tall gallentey with a look of horror in her eyes. She heard the whip move through the air and felt the band of fire across her back. The brutor whipped her hard as the woman sat on the throne and watched the judgement being handed out. Blood spattered the floor, the walls. Even when Carm had falled forward, not able to stand anymore the punishment continued.

"Where do you belong slave?" She heard the words rattling in her head as she faded into unconsciousness.

She awoke hours later in the medical bay. Four guards surrounding her. A dull pain wracked through the heavy painkillers that had been given to her. The doctors and nurses tended to her back. Blood and iv drips linked into her arms as she laid there under their ministrations. The words still ringing in her head.... where do I belong....

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