Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Return

Carmilla and Whisper stood as they watched a new Geisha. The young sebiestor was performing a dance piece for them and they both watched with a judgemental eye. Outside they both heard the sound of a landing shuttle but ignored it, concentrating on their new protoge.
"I think, Whisper, she needs more time to learn. But she is close, very close. Let her train with Stella, they can do well together."
"I'll arrange that, my dear."
"How are the arrangements for tonight?"
"The governor and about twenty of his entourage, not counting the guards who will be in the area."
"Make sure Ithiria's guards are gone. The last thing I need is an incident. It's going to be a long enough night as it is."

Carmilla and Whisper walked towards the main hall. Whisper flowed along in her kimono, whereas Carmilla in her suit clicked along the marble floor. Since she had joined the Teraa Matar, the Governor of Seshala had turned the comchannels red with anger. Some of the things he had said had even shocked some of the geisha, but Carm had soothed and placated him. And when that wasn't working, outright bribed him.
"I dont feel right about this now. Not since I joined them."
"They call them witches...."
"That's just because of the shamans. Actually I can't wait for you to meet some of them."
"Well lets get this evening out of the way. As it is I have the bulk purchases of the narcotics on their way to the Governors storehouse. He took all your blue pill again, sorry."
"Aaah, that's fine. I havn't used much recently."

Angelina sat in the main hall and watched as her Sister and her closest friend walked and talked. As she sat and watched she felt sad. Now she was back, she had things to do. One thing in particular. And her sister was not going to like it.
Angelina was knocked back into the chair as she was hit at full pelt by her sister running at her, followed soon after by Whisper.
"Angie! You returned! Oooh when did you get back? Are you okay, were you hurt? How many medals?"
She laughed and pried herself away from the two women and hugged them both in turn.
"I got back yesterday. Once they released me from the internment camp I made my way here. I was lucky they didn't know who I was, I found out there are still several warrents on my head."
"Oooh, let them try. My girls will sort them out."

Several hours later Carmilla and Angelina sat on the aft deck and watched the moon rise.
"So what's the function happening tonight?"
"Oh I have the governor coming around to accept his bribe for not shutting me down. He wasn't impressed when I joined, as he called it, a terrorist organisation."
"I joined the Minmatar Militia."
Ang laughed out loud and slapped her on the back.
"By the teats of Jamyl, what did your Mistress have to say about that?"
"I was exiled, Ang. I left the corp, when I needed her she wasn't there. Now, when I know what I'm doing I find her minions everywhere, watching me. Reminding me that she is still there."
"I can't believe you left her. I mean, she was your Mistress, your wife... your everything."
"She left me alone... what was I supposed to do?"
"Wait! You should have waited for her!"
"God damn, I don't need to hear this from you as well."
"Well, you might not for much longer. I have something I need to do. and I need you to help me as well."
She told her. And as she knew, she did not like it. Lucky I didn't tell her the whole story, she mused as she heard Carmilla on the communicator to an old friend of theirs. My old Master, and an enemy of the Minmatar. Can't be easy for her to speak to him, but then, she didn't seem to worried.
"It's set for this evening, an hour before the start of the festitivies. I have to get back to my quarters, I left my favorite kimono there. You sure you want to do this?"
"Hey, it's me? Remember?"

Ang watched her sister leave and followed her shuttle into the sky. She turned to Whisper and sighed heavily.
"When he comes I need you to make sure you get Carm out of the room. I dont know how he'll react. He may even kill me. Carm doesn't need to see it. Keep her back, keep her safe."
"What about you?"
"Dont you worry about me, my life was forfeit a long time ago. Not it's time to collect."
With a heavy heart Angelina changed and waited.

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