Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lot #701

The Aeon 'Slaves Despair' was watched by countless people and countless ships as it appeared at the cyno just off the station, flanked by two archons. For all who were invited the slave auctions would begin as soon as the cargo was unloaded and the Aeon safe. Shuttles and transports moved back and forth from the mothership under watchful eyes. The disembarking of the cargo took longer than usual, though after an hour the Aeon and it's escorts engaged their warp engines and departed.

Their departure was seen as the signal for the ships to dock and make their way to the various rooms, warehouses and events that had been setup. 'Slaves Despair' was always an anticipated venture as she never failed to bring the most sought after slaves for the block. The auction sheets that had been dispatched to priority buyers had drawn many in, and transmitted images of many of them were available. As ever they were segmented, Minmatar, by far the largest with over five hundred lots, gallantee and caldari only a hundred or so each, and even a handfull of amarr.

Amongst the buyers who were in the main function room sipping champagne and checking the catalogues an obscure holder walked slowly around, smiling to those she knew and nodding. Her long skirts just touching the floor, and the decorative armoured corset inlaid with golden Amarri sigils proclaimed her rank and status, though not as much as her aire of nobility. A thin silken cloak with her house emblem ran down her back, and caressed her figure. She stopped at a railing and looked down into the pits. Acoustical barriers prevented the cries and the screaming from the slaves from disturbing the viewers pleasure, though secretly she yearned to hear their cries almost as much as she yearned to be making them cry out. Slaves had their place, regardless of their breeding. Once a slave... always a slave.

As she looked down, trying to spy out the caldari section a man stood beside and looked down as well.
"You buying?"
"If something is worthy of my time and effort. I need a challenge."
The man chuckled and turned around leaning back against the railing and folded his arms. She look at him, taking in the pitted scars of the side of his face, his arrogant look and his classic Khanid frown. A small serpentis pin on his collar seemed to indicate his allegiance.
"And what are you doing here? Business or pleasure, mr?"
"Tavrook, Gallicia. I'm selling here today. Lots three fifty to three seventy. And you, Miss?"
"Marika Sato, Holder of the Khanid, chosen of... blah blah... so many titles. You selling any Caldari?"
"No, I only deal in Minmatar. Caldari are too much trouble. Though you might like Lot #701. She's Caldari and a real hell cat."
"You know her? What are the chances of that mr Serpentis."
"Oh.... we have history, 701 and I. She's cost me a lot. Actually wasn't expecting to see her here, I thought she was out give tongue baths to Goons."
Marika flipped through the catalogue on her datatablet and brought up 701. She smiled and licked her lips. Caldari. Cute. Ex-pirate. A finger traced down and brought up her name.
"Angelina Ballentyne. Lot #701."
Gallicia laughed, a most evil laugh and took two glasses from a passing waitress, handing one to her.
"Here. Lets drink to us being on top and them on the bottom, where they belong."
She took the glass, clinked and drank while looking at the lot description and smiling.

In the cells below Angelina paced up and down the cell she was in like a wild animal. Lashing out through the bars. The others in the cell were huddled at the back, fearful not just of the wild caldari but also of the others outside the cells. Guards outside just laughed at them, occasionally striking out at her. But none of them got too close, that had come from experience.
"Please, don't antagonise them. If they notice you things will go worse for you."
Angelina turned around and spat on the ground, her nakedness not phasing her in the slightest.
"It's okay for you. You have one life to live and then you are dead. I have countless, my suffering will be legion compared to your pitiful life."
"You sound like they do. Selfish and uncaring....."
"I'm wanted by all four powers as well as holders.... and of course I'm selfish and uncaring... I'm a pirate...."
"No.... just a slave."
Angelina screamed and grabbed the bars looking up at the higher tier and those who would soon be bidding on her.
"We are free men and women! We are not slaves! You will never break us! Never!"
One of the guards laughed and jabbed foward with an electro-prod, dangerously modified and slammed it into Angelina's side, throwing her back into the others. The other prisoners edged away from her and waited out their time.

Marika made her way to the auction hall and took her chair, noticing Gallicia a few chairs down. Smoothing out her skirt she sat down, sitting straight up and opened the catalogue. On the dias before her a young minamater girl, a burtor was brought out in chains and dragged to the centre.
"Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to our monthly slave auctions. I hope you are all ready to bid? We have a wide variety of slaves for you tonight. Minmatar.... Gallentey.... Caldari... even a few Amarr....."
He waited while the applause died down and smiled.
"And the pride of our auction... for which we do occasionally have... the rarest of the rare.... the jewel in our crown... A capsuleer."
The assembled host went silent for a moment, then cheers and oaths filled the air, feet stamping on the floor. She picked up her catalogue and flicked through trying to find which one when a hand took it from her. Gallicia flicked to a page and handed her his own, dropping into the seat next to her.
"Lot #701..... They don't mark it in the catalogues incase it arouses too much suspicion... and it makes the auction so much more...."
She looked over his copy finding much more information. Sellers it seemed had access to more information. Checking it over she nodded smilling, this was what she wanted.
"She will be mine.... "

Hour after hour the slaves were paraded and bid on. Single slaves, couples, even entire families. Marika watched on with rising anticipation, not caring about those who went before, not even noticing the other caldari who appeared and waited for what she was after. She was not to be dissapointed. Five guards dragged a kicking and screaming slave to the dias. Chains from a collar around her neck were attached to rings on the dias. All around looked at the lithe female form before them, the tattoo on the left ass cheek, the capsule ports on her back and arms and neck.

"Lot number 701. The prize auction! A capsuleer, so you'd better know how to keep her because once she leaves here that's your problem. An impressive pedigree in this one, she is fit and healthy, has a good set of lungs on her as you can hear, and is breedable. She is a pirate, affiliated with the Guristas. A mass murderer, a heretic, wanted by the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallentey and the Minmatar. And best of all.... she hasn't been broken....."

Marika listened to the rest on autopilot. She had made her decision, this slave would be hers. She would break her. Or kill her trying. Again... and again... and again. As the bidding went on Angelina hurled abuse and pulled at her chains. All music to the ears of the bidders. Eventually it ended with a slam of the hammer and the jealous gazes of those beaten and a howl from Angelina.
"Sold, to Marika Sato."
She turned to Gallicia and smiled.
"Do you want to come and see my new slave close up? I'm sure it would amuse me. And you."
Together they laughed as they were led backstage.

Marika walked into the cell with Gallicia behind her, watching her new slave. She was naked and chained from a corner of the room, her hands behind her. Now, she was gagged, and the fire in her eyes when she saw them both made Marika shiver with delight.
"Oh you are a pretty one, and the fire in those eyes. I see now how much of a problem you are going to be. You don't know your place. But you soon will. Won't she Gallicia?"
"That she will. And if she's half of what her sister is you are going to be very happy with your new slave."
He looked Angelina in the eye. Could taste her hate.
"I guess I'll have to visit her again and taste those wares. I'm sure she misses me. Dont you think?"
"She has a sister? I wonder if i can have a matching pair."
Her scream, even behind the gag was loud and could be heard even after they closed the door and walked towards the nearest resteraunt.

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