Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tribal Sin

Carmilla D'Morenta ran down the corridor dodging the gunfire from the republic fanatics, firing back when she could. Across the causeway Leopold and Misha were under a similar attack. They had expected them to be waiting outside the station, not outside the Tribal Sin bar.

She fired a few more shots at them allowing Leo and Misha to break cover and run across the bridge to her.
"Goddam... who are they?"
"Republic Police.... they're probably after me..."
"You're shooting cops?"
"Well.. shooting back.. they started, but I bet we get blamed for this! Get to your dramiel and get it powered up my ships all ready, I'll cover your escape...."
She ran back to the elevator leading to the landing bays and covered them as they approached and fired a few more shots and slams the doors shut.

As they entered the landing bay they saw the group of republic police looking over the Dramiel. As a group they ran for the Panther 'Zinc Alloy' and met a geisha at the bottom of the ramp.
"Whisper, get Carli over to that Dramiel and get it cracked when the police leave. Meet us at the Geisha House."
The Geisha smiled and summoned a small woman and the three of them entered the ship. She ran to the command deck and slammed into the chair.
"Get us out of here. Ignore docking control, take us out on manual."
Docking control to Zinc Alloy. Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded
"Ignore it. Punch it and don't crash into anything...."

The Panther pulled away from the docking bay and maneauvered through the station and out into space. Police Cruisers were waiting, targetting almost as soon as the ship left the station.
"Cyno locked on, can jump when ready."
"Hit it!"
With a scretch of metal under stress the jump engines whined and projected the ship several light years away to the desolation of the Amamake system. She scanned down the system and noticed the people in local. None of them friendly. They laid in a course back to Seshala and activated the cloak as the ship jumped, mere seconds after several ships converged on the now doomed cyno ship.

A few hours later with the ship in orbit Carmilla, Leopold and Misha shuttled down to the Geisha house with Whisper. The Geisha headed off to prepare and Carmilla was left to show them around.
"It's not much, but it's home to me and my Mistress when she's here. And until your ship arrives, my house is your house. There are bars, pools, and the ocean."
"You are far to kind. And thank you for getting us here."
Whisper returned with two bottles and a tray of glasses and started to pour out the shots.
"Now, I belive we have some drinking to do."
Misha looked at them and laughed as they started knocking them back.

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