Friday, 21 January 2011

Office Break

Perimeter II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Carmilla Deritan, clad in a form fitting business suit exitted the interstation shuttle and stood before the administrative offices. Two geisha carrying large cases flanked her as she walked towards the entrance and up to the reception. Behind the expansive desk a cold looking civire sat tapping away at a computer. Carmilla stopped infront of it and coughed gently, the civire looking up into Carmilla's round glasses and red lipped smile.
"I'm here to see Hinare Etherus. Can you tell me where I might find him?"
"Do you have an appointment?"
"No. I just...."
"Then you can't see him. Feel free to make an appointment and you can see him. Good day."
"Can't you just tell him I'm here? I'm an old friend."
She smiled again, the Civire did not.
"No visitors. Make an appointment."
"Can I make an appointment here?"
"What is your business?"
"I'm just here to say Hi."
"That is not official Caldari Navy business. Please leave before I have you escorted out. Good day Madam."
The receptionist went back to her computer and Carmilla watched thoughtfully for a few moments then turned on her heels and walked out the door, the Geisha in tow. She stopped at a terminal and held out her bag. One of the geisha held it while she opened it and then took a tool to the terminal casing, cracking it open and revealing the insides. The second Geisha kept a wary eye on passers by. After a few minutes she closed the casing and started tapping at the keys and pulled out several datacrystals from her bag and slipped them into the terminal. Guristas logo's flashed over the screen and she went to work.

Deep in the offices, settled at his desk Hinare Etherus, Administrations clerk for the Caldary Navy worked his way through a pile of paperwork. His terminal flashed and a message appeared on his screen. He frowned, mostly because this was a secure terminal, but also because no one was supposed to know he was there.

To: Hinare Etherus, Admin Clerk, CN
You have a 3:15 appointment in your office with the representative of Autumn Breeze Enterprises regarding an entertainment licence.

With a chuckle he accepted the appointment and looked at the clock on the wall. 3:12. He had just enough time to make it to the reception to meet her.

Carmilla walked back in flanked by the Geisha and stood before the reception. The civire didn't even look up.
"If you wait there I will call the guards.....
"If you check, girl, I have a 3:15 appointment with Hinare Etherus. Please check before you throw me out, that way when I do complain I can have you busted down to washing ships in the furthest pit the Navy has an office in."
She flushed and tapped, just as Hinare walked up.
"Aaah, Carmilla Deritan. So glad you could leave our receptionist able to understand the error of her ways."
Carmilla held her hand out and smiled as Hinare kissed it and slipped her arm though his.
"My office is this way, ladies, shall we?"
The receptionist glared, then went back to her terminal.

They stopped outside of his office and Carmilla held him back.
"Let my girls enter first. We have a surprise for you."
She ran her eyes up and down him, taking in his white navy uniform and biting her lip.
"How have you been? The girls say you keep to yourself when you are at the House."
"I've been busy, but I'm glad you made the changes to the room. It was a bit to big for me. But it has been nice to relax on the beach, swim in the sea." He chuckled to himself. "I do miss it."
"Then I have a nice surprise for you."
She smiled warmly and leant back against him, feeling his arms around hers, and a slight twitch. They watched officers and office staff look at them as they walked past and ignored everyone until a Geisha opened the door and beckoned them in.

The furniture in the room had been pushed up against a wall and covered with cloth. A holographic projector was covering all the walls with a surround of the beach and environs at the Geisha House. A filter over the lights was now the same colour as the systems sun, and a portable terminal was playing the sound of the ocean. The carpet was covered in a thin layer of sand and a large towel had been placed on it, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Hinare looked at it and laughed, then dragged Carmilla in while he unbottoned his tunic and laid down on the towel. Carmilla knelt beside him, her own jacket now off and poured two glasses of wine.
"I thought you could do with an office break, Hinare. And what better than to remind you where you can call home."

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