Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Horizons

Carmilla sat in the Beansnakes coffee shop and sipped her drink while she waited. The small cup in her hands filled the air around her with an powerful aroma, and the frentix mix soothed her. Her datatablet bleeped quietly and she ignored it, watching the comings and goings of the shop.

"First you talk to Gallicia without tearing out his throat... now you are in a Serpentis coffee house. If I didn't know better Sis, I'd say you wanted back in."
She smiled and looked up as her companion sat down opposite her. His white suit was immaculate, his hair styled and his wrap around glasses shimmered. With a gentle click he placed his glasses on the table top and let his cane rest against the side of his chair. With a wolfish smile and clicked his fingers and ordered a Cadere and some biscuits.
"Victor, I'm so glad you could make it!"
"Hey, after all you've been through I'm surprised you are in as good state as you are."
He leaned over and softly pulled down the scarf and looked at her burn scar. He grimaced.
"Who did that? Ithiria?"
....The burn across her neck... pain lancing like lightning across her.... the scream more intense than the hissing burn of the torch....
She pulled it back up and sipped her coffee.
"No, still not managed to work out who ordered it. Even managed to track down those who did it. But they died before they could."
Victor looked at her, she met his gaze and sipped her coffee.
"You have a darker side to you Carm. I'd expect that more from Angelina than you...."
"Victor," she spat, "They decollared me. They scarred me for life.... at least the life of this clone. They've taken from me more than you'll ever know.. and they paid for it."
....fists smashing the already bloodied face.... the sound of bones breaking.... screams of agony.... then on to the next one..... questions.... denials..... the beatings.....
Carmilla closed her eyes and breathed deeply, feeling Victors hand on hers holding it tightly.
"I feel so alone now Victor. I'm not used to this freedom, there has always been someone there to look after me, to direct me."
"Oh come on Carm, you are one of the strongest women I know. You don't need to be someones bitch to know who you are. And dont' get me wrong, I love Ithiria as much as you do..... but...."

She looked over the rows of coffee grinders and nodded. Things would be changing now, had already started changing. People who had not spoken to her for years were once again talking to her, others were dismayed. For so long she had been loyal, but what can you do when you are not the one breaking the mould. Perhaps they were right. She finished her cup and put it down on the table.
"I had a long conversation with Korinne earlier. She opened my eyes. I can do it... I have the friends around me to pull me through. There are new horizons out there for me, Victor. But I have people I need to speak to first."
She looked out the window towards the docking bay and watched a ship take off. And some people, she thought, who have to die.

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