Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Gift for a Mistress

She worked tirelessly. The blueprint copies that were displayed upon the great screens showed the intricate workings of the Rifter class frigate. She looked upon the plans, turning them around, selecting components and listing schematic specifications, tolerances and potential. Already she had used up a pile of datacores, attempting to glean the knowledge from them to make this ship something better. Supercomputers churned as they access the data in the datacores, and again, the used the knowledge they gained to build a better Rifter.

She knew well the specifications of the Wolf, afterall she flew them. Knew how they fought. But to convert what she knew into hard reality, was a difficult task at times. Boosts to the engine power, the power grid, the ships core. The external modification, gun racks, ammunition bunkers, extra armour plating, replace the shield emitters with upgraded.....

Several hours later she stepped back and looked at what she had created. She processed the modifications and waited. It would take an hour or so to get the completed blueprint inked and delivered.

When it was complete she held the blueprint in her hand. This was a Wolf, her first that she had invented. And would be the first she had constructed. But this one was new, had a meaning that she couldn't escape. This... was going to her Mistress. A Wolf, for the real hunter.

No one knew what she had discovered through tireless searches and interrogations. And none would, those who had the pieces of the puzzle had died under her hands. She had, hidden away where none could find it, the little box which held all her secrets. Information on Mizhara, information on Ithiria, on Bill, on Korinne, on half a dozen others who meant something to her. But the information on Miz, was gold dust. It held the date she wanted, her birthday. And such timing, almost as if it was planned by some higher power.

She would give herself to her Mistress at the estate, all tied up just how she liked it, awaiting her Mistresses pleasure. And this ship, built as much by her own hand as she could, delivered to her. Two birthday presents, on a day she didn't know was her birthday. Carm had heard her say as much before, that she didn't know the day. That much of the information was lost on the holdings she was a slave on.

But for every piece of information that is lost, there are three sources that have it hidden away. You just need to know where to look.... and how to. Its just sometimes.... some information is best left undiscovered.

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