Monday, 9 April 2012

Another Day

Carmilla and Whisper stood watching their two latest recruits. Both the girls were sebiestors, one petite, one taller, both with red hair, one long, one short. They were both standing in their kimono's, looking nervous and still getting used to the feel of the material, their makeup and being on the island.

"Girls. While you are here, you will listen to Whisper and do what she says just as if I told you to do it."
They both nodded.
"Your duties will be given to you by Whisper, and you will spend you time when you are not on duty with the other girls. Learn from them. They've been here a long time, the know the lay of the land so to speak."
The two girls looked at each other and then at Whisper.
"You remember what happened at the hotel. If you want a repeat of that....."

Whisper took the two girls and headed into the geisha house and came back twenty minutes later, find Carm sitting at the bar, drinking a bottle of quafe.
"How are they?"
"They'll be fine. The other girls are already fussing over them."
"Good. I want them to be happy while they are here."
She sighed and rubbed her face with a weary hand.
"Send the message to Ithiria. Tell her it's time we met face to face. I'm tired of running."
"Are you sure?"
"I have you girls, I have my Kiki... I'm strong enough now. More than strong. I feel alive."
She picked up her terminal and tapped away and brought up a file. TRA recruitment message was it's title. Signing the bottom she hit send.

As I said, my sweet, I'll not leave you again. Ever. She walked out of the house and down to the beach and sat on the pier, her feet in the water and watched the ocean. Shortly after whisper sat down beside her.
Another day, she mused, in paradise. She leant against Whispers shoulder and smiled
"Thank you hun. I dont know what I'd do without you."

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