Friday, 6 April 2012


It was a dream. It had to be. The sky was filled with grey cloud, moving faster than it should. On the horizon a towering wall of water was approaching, as i looked around it was a perfect circle, an impossible circular tidal wave coming at my island. Winds howled and screamed, buffeting me with their anger and fury.

I stood and watched.

There simply was no where to run to.


The words hung in the air, emblazoned with the fury of the righteous.

Why? She loves you....

Purple lightning flashed out of the stormfilled sky as the towering waves hung over the island. They waited, impossibly still, as if some great power held back the limitless power of the ocean.

You betrayed her! You left her!

The air spun and a figure coalesced out of the ether and stood before me, on the water. It was Maeve! Fear filled my heart, this was no dream I could walk away from. Here I was being confronted by the spirits, by the unborn daughter of a Shaman. Once before she had come to me to warn me of a threat facing her and I had reacted.... overreated. But I had done so because there are few things that I cannot understand, and this... is one of them.

She needs you. She needs you to be with her and you left her! I feel her sorrow in my bones, I feel her anger, I feel from her loneliness!

Inch by inch the waves came closer, I could smell the salt in the air, taste it. This was real, here it was real. Here, I could die because of my failure to protect her. I had nowhere to run to, which made it all the more pathetic when I did. I ran across the island, every quarter was hemmed in by the waves and behind me she walked slowly towards me.

Redeem yourself! Before I see you here again and I kill you for your betrayal!

The winds howled around us both but moved us not. As she pointed her hand at me and screamed... I woke up.

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