Wednesday, 11 April 2012

End of an Era

A little OOC blog entry for today.

Some of you have been following this blog since the beginning, when I posted my first blog entry titled Gurista Log #327-ish. Back then, Angelina was my main character and I was happy pirating in the Black Rabbits, which was quite a high point for me and a fun time. Carmilla, was my backup alt at the time.

But ever do the winds of fate blow and after while I found I was spending more time on Carmilla and less on Angelina. This does become apparent in the blog. All the way through there has been the interaction between the sisters, and their half brother Victor Ballentyne. Their highs, their lows and their adventures, whacky, tragic and always interesting.

What was probably not known well, apart from a few is that before this blog started being written I was invited to an RP room by a good friend of mine. That room was Red's District, and I have been there ever since. My good friend was and still is, Dame Death.

Now it has to be said that even though I had some spattering of RP in game, it didn't bloom until I found Red's, and from there what is now the Broken Piano became a favorite haunt for RP and meeting new and interesting people. The list of people who I came into contact with, some with good results, some with bad, and a few with tragic is endless. But, I did meet one person who has stayed with me a friend through and though, both in character, out of character, and in real life.

Ithiria Deritan.

It is said that like minded people cluster together, this is ever true of Eve. Carmilla came to Ithiria like a moth to a flame, a friendship started and has kept going to this day. Carmilla sparked controversy one day after they met by doing what has been held over her head for the last two and a half years. She willingly, IC, became Ithiria's slave. Only some of the RP that has happened from that event has been put into blogs because a lot has happened. And for the most part, Carmilla has RP'd the slave quite well. Certainly various people have said so, and others have said other things. But through thick and thin, up to a couple of months ago, they were inseperable, even to the point that they were married. And upon that marriage Carmilla, ever the craftswoman created a sword for her, to mark their bonding. A Wakizashi.

Now I say up to a couple of months ago, because RL has plans for us all that Eve simply cannot stand up to. And this came to a head when after a period of inactivity due to IRL, IC, Carmilla left the corp she had been in, Disciples of Night, and moved on to pastures more violent. It was the start of the end.

For those that have been there, Carmilla runs a Geisha House in game. And after an incident she made amends by creating a statue to Ithiria, the same general size and shape of the statue of Jesus in Rio. Hey, Carm was in love and needed to make amends. The original was destroyed by Nauticaa, and a copy was rebuilt in the grounds of the geisha house, and a second elsewhere.

It has to be said that when the Geisha House was moved from Seshala (khanid) to Siseide (minmatar) the statue was left behind and a new one was made of her new love. Kikia Truzhari.
Naturally, this went down like a lead balloon on one side, and caused a blush on the other.

A quick back peddle. Dame Death, lovely fellow. But has a tendancy to talk shite. I know this, he knows this, we all know this. So when he invited me to a room he could RP in it was inevitable that Carmilla, who was IC on the run from IThiria after loosing her, would come into contact with someone new. Kikia. Kiki literally rocked Carm's world, the RP was good and baring some unpleasentness are still friends IC/IRL.

IC, Ithiria took it hard. Threats were made and it was known that if Carm ever came back to her it woudl be to recollaring, enslavement and being sold on the block. So.. she kept away, mainly because of Kiki and the path she was now going down. From Slave to Freedom Fighter... ironic, it has been pointed out.

Which leads me to what I found today when I came back from work, albeit prewarned.

"At the base of the statue is a broken Wazikashi, Deritan/D'morenta markings, with blood on the lower half of the broken blade"

And a blog entry from Ithiria in which it was proclaimed... well lets just say she professed her love for Carm, but would kill her if she ever saw her again.

So, the long roller coaster ride that started so many years ago in an ooc room with a young nieve girl from White Rabbits and an charasmatic Khanid Holder has come to an end. I'm not happy about it, she's not happy about it. But the RP has gone this way and we both enjoy the RP, far too much to screw up other peoples to get back together. (I think....)

So this my friends is the end of an era. Carmilla, free now to do what she wishes. Ithiria, free now to do what she wishes. The broken sword will stay against the statue of Kiki, and Carmilla's chrome collar will ever reside in it's secret place.

The blogs will continue, but I just wanted you to know why, IC, OOC and IRL I am sad and why a little of the magic of Eve has now died forever in my heart.

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