Sunday, 29 April 2012


She ran.

She ran from the apartment, as she'd ran from the island.

It was happening again. Too many choices, too many needs, too many desires.

Someone would get hurt. And it wouldn't be her.

She thought back to earlier, Kikia ignoring her. Reks enigmatic smile. The offer from Aliza the night before and always at the back there was Leo, waiting.

Maybe she was thinking too much into things. Maybe she was looking at it from the wrong perspective again.



No way to turn without hurting someone she loved, someone she wanted to be with. It was just like before, just worse this time. Before it was just Bill and Ithiria. Now there were more.

Oh cursed heart, wherefore has thou taken me.

Despair, the finest wine of the melancholy heart. And I have drunk my fill.

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