Sunday, 22 April 2012

Three Days of Rest

Carmilla awoke, her eyes adjusting to the gloom of the darkened room slowly. Kikia lay beside her, fast asleep a look of contentment on her face. She reached over to the bedside table and tapphied the lamp base and a warm glow filled the room. From the corner of the room there came gentle purring from the four tiny kittens. Carm slipped out of the bed and went over to the basket and started fussing with them, quickly making sure they had enough food and water and opened the front of the basket. She scooped one of them up and returned to their bed and let the kitten curl up next to her lover.

She picked up her datatablet and started tapping away, sending out several encrypted messages. Picking up one of the kittens that had made its way over to her and was rubbing its head on her ankle.
"Come on little one, its time to wake them up."
Kneeling on the bed she leaned over and placed a kiss on her Kikias cheek. She watched with a smile as she stirred and looked up with her amber eyes.
"Good morning my sweet. I have something special in mind for you today. It is time you had some relaxation. You can fight again tomorrow... today is for us."
Kikia reached up and caressed Carms face with a smile. She looked upon the woman above her who meant so much to her and pulled her face down and kissed her gently on the lips.
"Good morning my love. And you know that I have to be out there. It is my duty to our tribe, I have to..."
Carmilla kissed her back, cutting off her words then putting her finger on her lips.
"Hush my sweet. I told you I would protect you and I will. You are no use to anyone if you are too tired to function... even you need some time to rest and relax."
Kikia scowled but laid back, one hand going to her stomach. It was true what she was saying and she had been far too active recently.
"You know I can order you to do what I tell you."
She said it as a matter of fact knowing that Carm would obey blindly. But... she thought as she looked up at her... not today. There was something different in her, ever since she had come back from her clan initiation. A new passion in her eyes, a new set of her shoulders. Pride and confidence had returned to her she knew. She knew what was going through her mind the same had gone through hers. There was a defiance that could not would not be broken. And Carmilla was devoted to her, and to Maeve in a way that went beyond their friendship, beyond their love. Something more... something...

Kikia smiled as the realisation washed over her. Carmilla finally understood, she accepted her place in her clan, in their corp, in their tribe. Carm was her friend, her lover, her protector. And she knew that nothing short of her death would stop her. Carmilla had become Fedaykin.

It didn't take long for them boh to dress and get ready, carm fussing over her and making everything as perfect as she could. Halete was given the kittens to look after and they made their way into the station. As the shuttle docked at the main hangerbays they were met by two of Carmilla's girls. They were both sebiestor, both red heads and both had a remarkable resemblance to her.
"Carm, who are these two?"
"They are my personal bodyguard. They protect me when I am out and they will protect you both as well. This is Rose, and this is Orchid. Girls, you both know Kikia, protect her as you do me."
The two girls, both clad identically in tight combat trousers and quafe t-shirts with pistols on their hips bowed to her. Kikia smiled and hugged them both.
"You seem to have thought of everything."
"I have much to think on when it comes to your protection. You are our leader, our shaman, and you carry a future shaman of our tribe. Your safety is the air i breathe, your love is the blood in my veins, without you... i am nothing my love."
"Oh Carmilla, what would I do without you?"
Carm smiled as they walked towards the great bulk of the Pilgrim class recon cruiser.
"All sorts of silly things probably."
"And i wish you would fly more matari ships Carm. You know my feelings towards them."
"I fly what is required for your safety. And this is more than adequate, more so than my Rapier. Hey, trust me."
She smiled and looped her arm through Kikias.
"Besides where we are going we would be safe in a shuttle. This is just for added protection."

The two of them watched from the bridge of the cruiser as it pulled out of warp and decelerated into the orbit of a planet. The rings of the planet seemed to shine in the rays of the sun and from where they were in orbit they could see that most of the upper hemisphere was covered in a blanket of white.

They docked at a small industrial station orbiting the planet and were met at the landing bay doors. The two girls kept a discrete distance but their eyes and ears were open, their hands on their pistol hilts. With a whine of ancient hydraulics the landing bay doors opened revealing an obese amarrian surrounded by heavily armed guards. Kikia bit back a cry and both Rose and Orchid were suddenly in front of them pistols out. The Amarrian seemed amused.
"So this is how you greet your old friends, Little Snake?"
"Salah, you old slaver, your greetings get more banal in your old age."
The Amarrian laughed so his huge frame shook and he pressed a broach on his tunic, the
"Well they manage to scare away those who are not invited. And those who are not put off I can deal with, that and the hounds."
He chuckled to himself and turned and headed onto the station. Kikia squeezed Carms arm.
"Who is that?"
"Salah? I have known him for years. He runs a variety of illegal smuggling and mining operations. He found this for me and I kept it in mind for something like this."
"You scare me sometimes."
"And yet you are safer here than in Abudban. Salah knew I was coming the early warning systems put most naval bases to shame."

They followed him into the station and came to another docking bay, this one with an old atmospheric shuttle inside. Salah watched two of his men putting a large box into the aft cargo hold and came over.
"Everything is all set now, my friend. The shuttle is set for the upper landing pad, where we usually do supply runs. And one of my guards will fly it to the lower one. Ziba is at the pad and has the track ready for you."
Salah walked over to Kikia and bowed graciously to her.
"My dear, it is a pleasure to meet the young lady who has captured my friends heart. I hope the two of you will be happy. It is a pity that one such as I cannot call you a friend as I am many of the things I know you hate."
"We are at eternal war, your people and mine."
"The prospect of being your friend makes defeat seem like a winning proposal."
Kikia smiled and walked over and gave the Amarrian a hug, kissing him on the cheek.
"You are a friend of my Carms. That is all I need to know to judge you. May the spirits guide your path."

The shuttle was old and creaked and screamed as it entered the atmosphere but was soon in. Flying on automatic it made its way towards one of the continents that was covered in snow and ice and landed heavily at a camouflaged landing pad high in the mountains. As they all disembarked Orchid and Rose pulled the large crate out and began handing out cold weather gear while a tall khanid woman walked over and stopped before them. Kikia looked out from the fur lined hood as Carm walked over and stood before the woman. For a few minutes they watched each other then laughed and hugged each other, slapping each on the back as if they hadn't seen each other for years.
"Kikia, this is Ziba. She was one of my smuggler friends back in the day. We got parted when Kael captured me oh.. years ago."
"You do have the most interesting friends my love."
Carm pushed Kikis hood back and took her face in her hands and kissed her gently. She watched the tender smile on her face and beamed.
"Come on, the girls have the track ready. Ziba is the beacon working?"
"I took it out this morning to check. Then checked it again when Salah asked me. Enjoy the trip, all of you. I have made sure there is no one else there for at least three days."
"Thanks Ziba. You take care of yourself, okay?"

The four of them sat in the snow track and pulled out an old map. Carm pointed out to where they were heading and the route they were advised to take and then sat back and pulled Kikia into her arms.
"How many more surprises do you have for me?"
"Just one more. I think this place reminds me of home, planetside."
"Carm... you brought me here to see snow and ice? What sort of surprise is that?"
"This is not your surprise. Trust me."
Kiki looked out of the windows and saw icy peaks and valleys. Snow and ice, forests coveredd in snow. It did look like home, but there was nothing spectacular. Other than being with her Carm, it was slightly dissapointing. Carm, sensing something in her simply squeezed her and held her.
"Look out the front window."

As she said it the track tilted down as it followed a path. Directly before them lay a hidden valley. The snow and ice had retreated leaving a large lake surrounded by grassy hills. A large cabin was situated by the side of the lake and smoke was coming from a chimney. Trees surrounded the lake and the whole valled looked magical. Kikia pressed forward and looked out.
"How did you find such a place?"
"I just knew what I wanted to find for you. And this place is one in a million, just as you are one in a billion to me."
Kiki turned around and looked at Carm, noticing for the first time that her shoulders were slumped and she had an unhappy look on her face
"Carm, my love, what's wrong?"
"Its nothing. I just know that after the next three days are up... you'll go back out there."
"Then join me. Stop sitting on the sidelines, come out and fight with me."
"I can it's just...."
"Carmilla! You said you were my protector."
Carm looked up, slightly shocked by the anger in her voice.
"Yes. I am."
"Then get used to the fact that I'm in space a lot, and I fight a lot. You want to protect me, get into space. Fight with me."
She softened and sat back next to her, pulling Carms head into her lap and stroking her hair.
"I know, it's not easy for you. But you'll do it for me, and you'll do it for Maeve."
"Now, we're almost there. Show me what you have for me."

They all stepped out of the track and the two girls unpacked and headed into the cabin while Carmilla and Kikia stood beside the lake. Steam was coming from the surface and when she put her hand in, Kiki found the water was warm.
"I wasn't expecting that."
"There is a volcanic cell under the ground, it heats the water. Not enough to boil it, and always enough to keep it from freezing. The whole area is like it. It's geologically safe, so there is no risk of an eruption. I found it many years ago when I was smuggling, I dont know if you can see the mark on the mountain third to the right of the highest peak, but I crashed a ship there once. Long time ago, when I was with Ziba. We created a spa for smugglers."
"A spa... for smugglers."
"Hey, smugglers are real people to. You think it's bad in the warzone, try ferrying Matari luxuries into Amarr space. That's tricky. Anyway... for the next three days, this is all ours. The cabin is stocked with food and drink, the lake is warm and best thing is that there are only four of us here. The girls have their own quarters, and we have the rest of it cabin. Come on, let me show you around."
Kikia pulled on her sleeve and looked up at her, her amber eyes welling up.
"My sweet?"
"Why do you do these things for me?"
Carmilla smiled and pulled Kiki into her arms.
"Because I love you."
"I love you to. No one has made me feel like this. It's uneasy at times to think how much you care for me."
Carmilla grinned and bodily picked her up again to squeels of delight from Kikia.
"Come on my love, time to show you just how much I love you!"

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