Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I faced down Mizhara. I shot her. But I didn't kill her. That would take me too far down that road.. and that road leads to a bad place. Especially for me. We talked, if you can call it talking when I'm screaming and waving a gun, and she is sitting there bleeding.

I pulled a gun on Angelina as well, not sure why I did that. Then again, it didn't go as we had planned. And I just realised I left her in there with Angelina. At least Ang doesn't have much anger anymore.... she seems to be more passive than I am, and my rage and fury has grown.

Regardless... I am now free. My Mistress has given me up, so I am free. Alone... and I'm not sure what to do.

Angelina will be with me.. and I suppose what I'll do is fight. The Corporation and Alliance are facing a grave threat, so I will go and join it. Make a name for myself.... probably die, but that's part of life out here.

With Mizhara and Ithiria bothing proclaiming their love for me... I find it is better not to love either one. I have seen what hate has done... what I did to Miz.. and what Miz did to Ithiria. I am not a hateful person.

I have looked inside myself. I know who I am. Carmilla D'Morenta of the Sebiestor Tribe. and I wear my tattoo's with pride. My skin is marked with the six snakes of the Serpentis and the Dragon of the Disciples.

I am now what I shall be forever....

Warrior. Patriot.....


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