Thursday, 6 May 2010

Descent into Realisation

Carmilla sat strapped in the chair in the pure white room. Miz was talking. She wasn't listening. What was going to happen soon would test her to the limits, but she was not going to be swayed by this. She was quite happy in her belief that her Mistress was the centre of her world. She smiled, if anything this would strengthen her resolve. Miz's revelations about Williams involvement didn't sway her mind much, she still loved him. But she loved her Mistress more.

While Miz kept on talking, she started humming, a tune that meant so much to her... then started to whistle. William, if he was there would have recognised Gallicia's Symphony of Pain.

Then the implant was activated and the memories flooded in, and still, ringing around in her head the faint echo of Gallicia's Symphony.

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