Wednesday, 26 May 2010

You know you are addicted to EVE when....

....Your internet connection dies when you get home from work, is still off in the morning and the withdrawl symptoms include seeing who is in your phone book who still plays EVE so they can change your skills, screaming at the computer and beeeer!!!

Back soon.. hopefully.....


  1. PM me on tga fourms bud if u need skills changing

  2. You know...

    ... when you're half an hour into patch downtime, and you find yourself roleplaying on MSN while listening to the Eve soundtrack on youtube.

  3. LOL *dances* hi hi ohhh 3.5 hours left till we see waht they messed up with the patch

  4. 2nd day.... still... no... internet at home... loosing will to live.... must.... get.... internet working.... gasp..


  5. Fah. We shall simply have to start a pool to fund a plane ticket so you can come visit America with us slaver types.

    (Or we could just hope your nets get better soon. *Huggles.*)

  6. Well once it's back... you'll know.... anyway... just means I get to write epic blawg instead :)