Sunday, 16 May 2010

Emerald Broach

Carmilla sat at her workstation, examining her necklace with an jewellers eyepiece. It was a most beautiful necklace, white gold with a large emerald. Her initials on the back. Like Ithiria's other..... submissives.

She was still unsure what had happened, how she had walked in free and walked out submissive. Vague memories of being surrounded by.... Guristas... and Her. Yet they were all her submissives. A bleep on her terminal indicated everything was ready, and she nodded, taking a pair of needle pincers and very gently removing the emerald from it's setting.

To be surrounded by so many... Korinne, Dossie, Laiki... and Kaelali. It made it so easy to take the necklace. To once again become submissive. How many people would be hurt this time? William, almost certainly. Mizhara, most likely has already heard through her networks. Damn... damn... DAMN!

Carmilla walked over to the small foundary in the factory and over to the smelter. It was waiting for her. Looking at the necklace, the white gold band with her initials on the back, she smiled in sadness at what she had to do. And placed it in the crucible. Watched while the exquisite piece slowly melted.

She left the remaining tasks with the gold to one of her technicians and returned to Emerald. It was a good sized one, pretty much perfect. Selecting a portable magnifiying lense and a micro cutting tool she got to work on the emerald.

It was several hours later when she'd finished both pieces. The Emerald had been recut into Disciples sigil, and the gold had been worked into an ornate broach with intricate designs of leafwork. And on each leaf, carved to with exquisite care, the name Ithiria. It was a much happier Carmilla who wore the broach on the left hand side of her jacket when she went to see Ithiria about the days business.

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